Hi, and welcome! Here you can see a bit more about my more formal history; work experience, education, stuff like that. I hope you'll find something interesting!

Cloud Data Engineer

Calendar icon   2023-11-27   Scroll icon  139
Tag icon  data , python , sustainability , work-experience

Deltares is a leading organisation in water management and simulation. Here I work as a Cloud engineer and lead maintainer of the HydroMT tool.

Data Scientist at Source.ag

Calendar icon   2022-03-01   Scroll icon  149
Tag icon  ai , cea , ml , python , sustainability , work-experience

At Source.ag I am working as a data scientist and machien learning engineer. With my team I work on putting the cutting edge of techonology to work to help produce beter, healthier and more sustainable food for everyone on earth

Data Scientist at De Belastingdienst

Calendar icon   2021-01-01   Scroll icon  152
Tag icon  work-experience

At De Belastingdienst (Dutch tax department) I work as a data scientist, helping to provide insignt into the taxpayer's data to improve operations and drive inovation that benifits citizens and goverments alike.

ETL specialist at De Belastingdienst

Calendar icon   2020-12-31   Scroll icon  91
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As an Extract-Transform-Load (ETL) specialist at the Belastingdienst, I mainly focus on making sure data is in a clean and effective format so that analysts and auditors can use it effectively.

Research assistant at Cardiff University

Calendar icon   2018-09-01   Scroll icon  165
Tag icon  ai , education , python

During my time at Cardiff University I sharpened my technical and academic writing and communication skills.