Cloud Data Engineer

Calendar icon   2023-11-27   Scroll icon  139
Tag icon  data , python , sustainability , work-experience

HydroMT is a tool that helps hydrological engineers do their pre-, and post processing. This is often one of the most time consuming and error prone parts of doing their work, so automating this step can be a huge advantage to them, saving them up to half a year of work. At Deltares I maintain and develop this tool, in addition to helping bring it to the cloud to make data and analysis more reproducible and open to the public.

In my day to day work here I colaborate with the engineers, help manage the HydroMT-Core team as their informal scrum master, work and advise on the setup of HydroMT and am working hard to bring it to the cloud. This means both data management as well as implementing necessary featres, both of which I enjoy a lot.