Wanted: Creative work. Originality not required, inquire within.

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Every creative and communication advice under the sun tells you to find your unique neiche and voice, and I disagree with that.

What devs and doctors wish you knew about writing bug reports

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Writing bug reports is hard and much more ubiquitous than you'd think. Anytime you are describing a problem to an expert that you need solved you're essentially doing just that. In this post I'll give you my method for making the process as easy and effective as possible.

Why you cannot interact with me on this website

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On this website there are no like buttons to click, no comments to leave, no email newsletters to subscribe to, there's not even a contact form. Here is why.

How being queer will occasionally make me racist

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Racism is not a topic I talk about often because I don't really see as my place to speak. However, this time I'm discussing a tendency I've notced in myself that I do think is worth investigating.

Introducing: Web Proof Reader

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When writing for my websites, I frequently wished I'd have a proofreader that would check benign things for me like publish dates. So I wrote one myself.