RMS, the FSF and the myth of FOSS

Calendar icon   2021-03-30   Scroll icon  3440
Tag icon  foss , opinion

There is a new open-source scandal that has caused some debate about FOSS and who should participate in it. In that discussion, I've seen a myth come up about FOSS that I want to talk about.

My wish list for Rust 2021

Calendar icon   2020-09-14   Scroll icon  1969
Tag icon  opinion , rust

The Rust core team is working on a road map for 2021 and has asked for contributions. In this one, I lay out some of the features I wish Rust would have and why.

A quick and dirty DIY rsync for S3 websites

Calendar icon   2020-08-24   Scroll icon  1666
Tag icon  foss , tooling , website

The standard AWS tool to update files in an S3 bucket has the tendency to update more files than is necessary, and I solved that with some git and bash magic

A response to the UNESCO call for an ethical AI framework

Calendar icon   2020-04-23   Scroll icon  1824
Tag icon  AI , opinion

The UNESCO is calling for an AI ethics framework which is good. However, the call is notably lacking in details which I will try to expand upon

Stop using those daft WiFi capture portals

Calendar icon   2020-04-08   Scroll icon  2217
Tag icon  opinion

I think everyone should stop using open WiFi networks with login portals, and in this blog post, I'll explain why.