Introducing: Web Proof Reader

Calendar icon   2021-04-15   Scroll icon  178
Tag icon  foss , project , rust , website

The Web Proof Reader is a tool I made to help me automate some of the work necessary for updating this website. Things such as proofreading, accessibility checking and metadata validation. These are things that I want to be done but am too lazy actually to carry out myself. You can find the project on My Gitlab profile if you want to learn more about it or use it. I've also made it available as a pre-commit hook. At the moment, it's limited in scope but has already proven helpful to me. For the time being, it only checks HTML files according to the structure of this website and does not provide any configuration. Still, I am planning to add more features and documentation around that in the future (pull requests are welcome!). I'm working on a blog post to talk more about its goals and how it fits into my workflow, but for now, I wanted to put this out there already; I hope you enjoy it!