Stop using those daft WiFi capture portals

Calendar icon   2020-04-08   Scroll icon  2217
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I think everyone should stop using open WiFi networks with login portals, and in this blog post, I'll explain why.

Introducing: PyNeg

Calendar icon   2020-04-02   Scroll icon  1074
Tag icon  foss , project , python

A python library for implementing, simulating and benchmarking automated negotiations with a decentralised architecture.

Increasing negotiation performance at the edge of the network

Calendar icon   2020-03-30   Scroll icon  0
Tag icon  AI , python

A low cost extention to the alternating offers protocoll that allwes for faster negotiation resolution without impacting outcome.

This website

Calendar icon   2020-02-15   Scroll icon  1691
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A peek behind the scenes of this wonderful place, exploring my CMS, hosting and templating solutions.

Using Machine Learning for Automatic Estimation of M. Smegmatis Cell Count from Fluorescence Microscopy Images

Calendar icon   2019-08-02   Scroll icon  5
Tag icon  AI , ML , python

A medical, pathogen agnostic, computer vision based application to help researchers count bacteria in microscopy images.